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Fee Schedules

When it comes to fees, an important consideration is results and getting a good value for the dollar you spend.  Much of my business is based on referrals, so I want you to be successful and pleased with the service provided.  From years of experience, I have learned what works best.  Students need a quiet place to concentrate.  My home office is set up for tutoring with good lighting, books, calculators, protractors and triangles, office supplies, a computer with Internet access, and virtually no distractions.  I also prefer tutoring in my home office because it allows me to offer more appointment slots  – I can schedule students one after the other without wasting time in the car.  The fee schedule is divided into categories based on the location and type of tutoring needed.   

Category One:  Twice a week is a good place to start.

Based on years of experience and thousands of students, the most successful students schedule 2 sessions per week on a regular basis – making study time just like any other extra-curricular activity.  When you are successful, you are more likely to recommend my services to others, so we both win.  Basic appointment rates are as follows:

$ 40/hr at my home/office   
$ 80/hr if I have to travel  
Regular students get preferential
treatment in scheduling appointments  

Category Two:  Tutoring on an As Needed Basis.

Some students are busy working professionals who can’t schedule weeks in advance.  Others are OK on their own most of the time, but want to be able to get help when they get stuck and need some assistance.  And some students only want to review the more complicated material before each test.  These are the students I see periodically on an as needed basis.  With a 2 day notice the appointment rates are as follows:  

$40 /hr at my home/office
$80/ hr if I have to travel
Next priority in scheduling appointments
With at least a 2 day notice.  

Category Three: Cramming for Test  (just don't get me started!!!)

I have been doing this a long time, and I know that sometimes people struggle through the course and don’t think about getting some help until the last minute. It’s not the ideal situation but that’s the reality.  Sometimes the score you need on the final to end up with a passing grade is a little higher than you realized.  If the prospect of taking the course over is too close for comfort you can still benefit from tutoring services.  This kind of tutoring session is harder for you and harder for me – so I charge accordingly.  Also, from years of experience, I can tell you that everyone wants a tutor at test time, so I get really busy and scheduling an appointment can sometimes be a problem.  Last minute appointment rates are as follows:

Call / hr at my home/office
Call / hr if I have to travel
Scheduling based on availability

When you need
a little

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