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Reference Letters:

I worked with David from Engineering Tech Math I through Calculus II.

I helped Cindi with College Algebra & Statistics.

Keith took College Algebra & Statistics also.

Teresita's son was taking Algebra I and we worked together on Geometry too.

Scott completed his Statistics requirements and got his Degree.

Eric's son believe it or not actually likes Math.

I use to work for Steve.

Karen saw the turn around in grades and attitude.

Quantitative Methods even sound's hard, Ben got an A.

Tina is a full time soldier and student.

Wayne struggled with college level courses.

Michelle needed College Algebra & Statistics for her Nursing Degree.

Aaron completed Calculus II at ACC now he's at full time at UT Austin.

Study Guides for Various Mathematics Courses:

Study Guides Main Index

Algebra: page 1 (Distance, Midpoint, Quadratic Functions)

Algebra; page 2 (Inverse Functions, Asymptotes, Permutation & Combinations)

PreCalculus: page 1 (Triangles, Sines, Cosines, Graphs)

PreCalculus: page 2 (Unit Circle, Trig. Identities)

Calculus: page 1 (Limits, L'Hospital's Rule, Indeterminate Forms)

Calculus: page 2 (Derivatives, Integrals)

Statistics: page 1 (Probability, Samples, Binomials)

Statistics: page 2 (Distributions, Confidence Intervals, Test Statistics)

Finite Math: page 1 (Simple and Compound Interest, Future Value)

Finite Math: page 2 (Matrix Formulas)

Thoughts from people worth listening to:

Thoughts on Mathematics and Art.

Thoughts on Mathematics and The Future.

Thoughts on Mathematics and History.

Thoughts on Mathematics and Logic.

Thoughts on Mathematics and Nature.

Thoughts on Mathematics and Philosophy.

Thoughts on Mathematics and Science.

Thoughts on Mathematics and Statistics.

Thoughts on Mathematics and Studying. (Read this Page !!!)

Online Practice Exams:

Online College Algebra Practice Exams

Online Pre-Calculus Practice Exams

Online Discrete Mathematics Practice Exams

Online Business Calculus Practice Exams

Online Calculus I Practice Exams

Online Calculus II Practice Exams

Online Statistics Practice Exams

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