Chester Martin (512) 923-1137

Recently I was taking a statistics course online. I was struggling! I am a fulltime soldier, mom and wife and on top of those tasks I had to teach myself how to accomplish statistics. I was spending every extra moment in my days trying to grasp the concepts fully and I was near failing. I took a risk and googled "statistics tutor austin texas" and whose name appears? Yes, Chester Martin. What caught my eye was on the search page it stated "Austin's best in Math Tutoring"

I called Mr. Martin and was able to visit with him the very same week. He helped to build my confidence in the knowledge I had while giving effortless instruction on the areas I needed improvement on. I have used tutors in the past who had to learn the content before they could assist me. Their lack of knowlege on the subject would take a lot of time away from the hourly sessions, but with Mr. Martin the entire hour was dedicated to me learning the material.

He truly is the best in Austin. After just three visits with him, my grade went from a 76 to an 90.5!
Thank you so much Mr. Martin!

Sincerely Tina M.
PS: I promise I will be sending some more troops your way!

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