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To Whom It May Concern
This letter is written in support of Chester Martin who was my math tutor when I was an undergraduate student at the University of NC at Charlotte.

I had always struggled with math.  I had played football as a youth in high school and my math teacher happened to be my football coach.  I was much better at football than doing mathematics.  The coach always gave me a passing grade even thou I seldom performed well on math test.  Unfortunately, when I enrolled in college I was ill prepared to pass college math courses.

After dropping two math classes because of failing grades I decided it was time to hire a tutor.  I employed Chester Martin.  The results were extremely positive.  I went from an “F” student to a “B” student.  Thanks to Chester I was able to get my undergraduate degree.  Ironically, other students began seeking my help in working math problems.

Chester is a very gifted tutor who has the ability to explain mathematical concepts in very simple terms.  He also has a keen insight into how mathematics is taught in this nation.  Therefore he can bridge the gap for those who find it difficult to understand mathematical concepts.

I highly recommend Chester to anyone who has a math problem, anyone seeking to improve mathematically, or anyone contemplating taking a test requiring math skills.

Wayne A.

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