Chester Martin (512) 923-1137

During my college years math has been a  wall that I was forced to climb, although math isn't one of my best subjects.  I was so fortunate to have met Chester in a math lab at my local college as a tutor.  After a in-depth conversation, I asked Chester to help me through my next algebra classes.

After my first few sessions I had realized this was the man who could help me conquer this wall of doubt.  He not only taught me, he explained it to me in a way I understood and was the key to the comprehension I had missed for so long.  Chester is a special tutor and once you spend some time with him you to will have the feeling that he will also help you in the same way as he did me.

I would highly recommend him to all students.  There is understanding to math and Chester is the tutor that you can count on when you add it up. Please take the time to read this again and consider Chester as one of the best.

Cindi H.

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